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Writing Up Wednesday #5: Motivation

After Lizzy from The Bent Bookworm took a pause last week with Writing Up Wednesday, she is back this week with a new topic. And this topic is … tadaaa: Motivation!

Can we write without motivation? And what is our motivation? How can we get motivated on bad days? I’m trying to find the answers to these questions in the following blog post.


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Postcard Rarities

Howdy folks,

thanks for stopping by, it’s nice that you visit my blog again. Maybe you have noticed it that this week there was no new topic of Writing Up Wednesday. It’s because Lizzy made a pause of WUW this week. But hopefully, next week it will continue.

I haven’t posted a postcard-related blog post in a while, so I thought it’s time to do that again. My postcard collection meanwhile counts over 1,000 postcards and it’s still growing. I thought that I could show you some rarities, resp. postcards from places where you don’t get a postcard from very often.

Now it’s time for the postcards. Maybe you’ll find a little inspiriation while viewing them.

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Get To Know Me TAG

I saw this tag on Lizzy’s blog The Bent Bookworm and decided to take part, too. I found it quite interesting and thought that it might be a good idea to introduce myself a little bit further. Maybe you’ll find something out about me that you didn’t know yet. 😉


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Writing Up Wednesday #4: Free for All

Woohoo, it’s time again for Writing Up Wednesday! How was your week so far? I hope you are all fine.

Writing Up Wednesday is hosted by Lizzy at The Bent Bookworm. Every Wednesday she gives us another topic to discuss that has to do with writing.

This week there is no particular topic and we can rant and talk about whatever we want, so I decided to tell you a little about the progress of my new story.

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Looking Back … February, 2017

Phew, I can’t believe the second month of 2017 has already passed. February is over and March is here. Spring is coming soon and the cold winter season has to leave. The first flowers are peaking through the  earth and the days become longer again. Time to reflect the past month and think about all the nice things that happened in February, 2017.


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Writing Up Wednesday #3: Settings

Hey there,

today is another day for “Writing Up Wednesday”, that is hosted by Lizzie from The Bent Bookworm. Every Wednesday she discusses a topic related to creative writing on her blog. Today it’s the following topic: Give me ALL THE SETTINGS!


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“Aspiring” Writer? No, thanks!

Over and over I hear people call themselves “aspiring” writers. I always had a problem with that term, because it never really made sense to me. Why “aspiring”? It sounds to me like someone who wants to write, but doesn’t dare to do it. Or someone who would like to be a writer, but thinks they doesn’t have the time or money for being one. That’s all bad excuses!

In the following I will tell you, what I personally think about “aspiring” writers.


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Writing Up Wednesday #2: POV

Hey guys,

today it’s Wednesday, so that means that I’ll participate in “Writing Up Wednesday” today, presented by Lizzy from The Bent Bookworm. Every Wednesday Lizzy discusses a topic about writing on her blog. Last week it was about genres. You can find my blog post about that here.

Today it’s about the following question: What’s your POV?


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Are You A Plotter Or Pantser?

Recently I stumbled upon an old article I wrote on my German blog some time ago. In this article I asked my readers whether they are plotters or pantsers. So, I thought, why not discussing this topic on my English blog, too?

But first of all we should clarify what these terms mean and what are the differences between those two types of writers. In the end of the article I’d like to answer the question myself and tell you if I’m rather a plotter or a pantser.


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