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10 Inspiring People


Hey everybody,

in my today’s post I’d like to dedicate myself to the topic of “inspiring people”. People, from whom we can learn a lot. People, who did great things that we admire them for. People, who became heroes because they stood up for their reasons.

In this blog post I would like to introduce you my personal “10 inspiring people”. Due to copyright reasons I will spare photos. But I will link the names to the Wikipedia articles, so that you can have a look just by clicking on the links. However, I think you know how these people look like anyway. The order of the names is random, by the way.

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Diary #7: My beta readers got mail!


Hey everybody,

it’s Saturday, time for a new blog post and some news from my end. The last week was busy. I had several appointments, had a writer’s block when I tried to write a new chapter for my blog novel (on my German blog) and was cleaning and tidying up my entire appartment, because my superintendent visited me and I wanted to make a good impression … Phew! My back still hurts from cleaning for hours. 😀

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Diary #6: Editing and Plotting


Hey folks,

today it’s time for a new diary post. I’d like to share with you what I’m doing these days and what’s new in my life.

So far I had a good start into 2017, even though I’m still suffering from a lack of motivation and depression from time to time. There’s sometimes that dark cloud over my head and I hardly can brace myself up. I sleep very late these days, usually until noon or even afternoon. I know, that’s not good for me, but I can’t help it. I set my alarm clock every evening, but when it rings in the morning, I just ignore it. 😛 Let’s hope that this will get better with time.

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My Goals and Resolutions 2017


Hey out there!

I wish you all a happy new year 2017! May it bring joy, peace, success and good health to you and your loved ones.

I hope you had a good New Year’s Eve. I spent it with my best friend. We had a cozy, nice evening with good food, some fireworks and “The Hangover” (even though we already knew that movie). When I’m typing this, I’m still at my best friend’s house, spending some more time with him. But I will probably return on the weekend, as I have some appointments next week.

In this blog post I want to tell you my resolutions and goals for 2017. As I’m curious by nature, I’d love to hear what you plan for this year in the comments. Feel free to leave me a few lines.

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My Ups and Downs in 2016


Howdy everyone!

Oh my God, I’m so terribly sorry, that I didn’t post here something new since November. I didn’t even post all the NaNoWriMo updates I wanted 😦 But this will change in 2017. From now on I plan to post something new every Saturday. I hope this will work the way I imagine.

In this blog post I want to look backward on the year 2016 and remember all the ups and downs in my life that happened this year. Continue reading “My Ups and Downs in 2016”

Diary #5: Novella or novel?


Hello out there,

it’s Mimi again. I just wanted to give you a short update about my writing process and what’s new in my life. By the way, to all the German-speakers who read this: I have a German YouTube channel where I publish vlogs about writing and my life. If you want to follow them, feel free to take a look by clicking here.

Now, about my writing process: It goes very well for me at the moment. I have written almost 40k words this month, even though it’s not NaNoWriMo 😉 In total, I have already written over 300,000 words this year, which is amazing. Don’t know, how many book pages that would be … but A LOT for sure 😀 My goal for this year is 350,000 words, so I have 50,000 words left to go.

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Diary #4: Holidays in the countryside

Hey out there,

how have you been? How was your week? Mine was nice.

I spent a long weekend at my parents’ house with a friend and my sister. We had a lot of fun, ate lots of pizza and ice cream (actually, I gained 2 kg or 4,4 lbs hehe) and went to the town where I was born, Blaubeuren, where a beautiful karstic spring called “Blautopf” (literally “blue pot”) is located. If you follow my Instagram, you might have seen the pictures I’ve posted. If not, I’ll post them here again.

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My first Liebster Award <3


Hey-ho guys,

today I’m very happy to announce that I was nominated for Liebster Award by my dear friend Tiziana from Scrabbled Rambles. Thank you very much, Tizy. I really appreciate that.

Maybe Liebster Award is not so well known internatonally. Actually, it comes from Germany (I think) and the word “Liebster” means “dearest” in German. You can nominate blogs with 200 followers or less.

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Diary #3: Writing a new novella


Hey folks,

how are you? Another day is over, in fact when I’m writing this it’s almost 9:30 pm here in Germany. I have some news to share and I wanted to do that in a new diary post. Last time when I wrote such a post, I had finished my lesbian romance novella “Lauren”. At the moment I’m writing on a new project, it’s going to be a horror novella and the title is “Süßer Teufel” (“Sweet Devil”) so far. It’s about a 9-year-old girl, Aimee Higgins, who is different from other girls around her age. She moves to Spring, Texas with her family and meets her 10-year-old neighbor Bobby. The kids become friends, but Bobby quickly founds out that Aimee has some special “talents”.

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