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Postcards of the Week

Postcard Rarities

Howdy folks,

thanks for stopping by, it’s nice that you visit my blog again. Maybe you have noticed it that this week there was no new topic of Writing Up Wednesday. It’s because Lizzy made a pause of WUW this week. But hopefully, next week it will continue.

I haven’t posted a postcard-related blog post in a while, so I thought it’s time to do that again. My postcard collection meanwhile counts over 1,000 postcards and it’s still growing. I thought that I could show you some rarities, resp. postcards from places where you don’t get a postcard from very often.

Now it’s time for the postcards. Maybe you’ll find a little inspiriation while viewing them.

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Postcards of the Week #7

Howdy everybody,

how are you? I’m fine. Here in Germany autumn is coming now. The weather changed drastically this weekend and from summerly 30 + degrees centigrate, we got lower than 20 degrees and cloudy, rainy weather. I look forward to the time when the trees change their colors. I find that so beautiful. But so far the trees are still green.

My mailbox was happy several times again last week. In total I received 17 postcards from 13 countries, plus a bunch of postcards from Austria from my best friend. But in this post I’ll show you only the cards that I received in the mail.

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Postcards of the Week #6

Howdy folks,

I’m sorry for posting this update so late, I was kind of busy last weekend and totally forgot to share my “Postcards of the Week”.

This post is referring to the week from 5th to 11th September, 2016. In this week I received 6 lovely postcards from 4 different countries, all European, though.

I was so happy to receive them, they are all precious to me.

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Postcards of the week #5

Hey there!

Oh! My! God! I still can’t believe how often my mailbox was happy this week. I got … wait for it … 20 (!!!) postcards from Europe, North America and Asia. I feel so blessed haha!

Actually, I received my August stats from Postcrossing this week and it said that I sent 40 postcards this August, which was my all-time record. I received 31 postcards that month. I’m trying to top that in September 😀

But nooow, I’d like to show you the cards that found their way to my home this week. As they’re so many, I sorted them by country and continent.

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Postcards of the week #4

Howdy out there in the world!

How have you been? How was your week? We had the BEST summer weather here, it was hot, sunny and blue sky! 🙂 Lucky were those who didn’t have to go to work. The kids here in my federal state still have summer holidays – good for them 🙂

I was also happy that I received four new postcards this week, that’s what I’d like to show you now. Here are the cards that found their way to my mailbox between 22nd and 26th August, 2016.

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Postcards of the Week #3

Hey there,

how are you today? Another week is over and it’s time to take stock of the postcards I have received this week from 15th – 21st August, 2016.

My mailbox was happy several times and I received eight nice postcards from seven countries that I’d like to show you now.

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Postcards of the Week #2

Hey there,

how are you? Here in Germany the weather is so lovely these days ❤ It’s sunny and warm, maybe a little too hot for my taste. But I enjoy the good weather.

But … I’m not here to talk about the weather with you 😉 In this blog post I want to show you my postcards that I received last week (from 8th to 14th August, 2016). This time I didn’t receive that much, only three cards, but I was happy to receive them anyway. I guess, that I will get more cards in the current week, as several of my postcrossing cards arrived at their destinations on the weekend.

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Postcards of the Week #1

I have some good news. Recently, I started exchanging postcards again 🙂 I haven’t done it since February. Now I’m back on Postcrossing and swap postcards with people from all over the world.

This week I received eight cards. I’d like to show them to you in this blog post.

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