Howdy everyone,

nice to see you here again. Thanks for visiting my blog. Today we want to talk about writing again – together with Lizzy from The Bent Bookworm.

The topic of the new WUW is: The Craft of Writing.

Lizzy writes on her blog:

How do you learn? Some people insist writers are born, not made. Others say it takes years of learning from authors and teachers to perfect the art. What do you think? What have you done to learn your craft (or not)?

I will try to answer these questions in this blog post.


First of all, writing is a craft that has to be learnt. I don’t think that writers are born. Of course, the interest in writing and a bit of talent are necessary to become a good writer, but first of all it’s self-study.

One thing that is very helpful is reading. Read good books and think about what made the good. Read bad books and think about why they were bad and what you would have done different, if you were the author.

Reading writer’s guides can be very helpful, too. I personally love writer’s guides. I’ve learnt a lot from them, but there is one thing for sure: You don’t learn writing from reading writer’s guides, but from turnig the learnt advice into action. Learning by doing, is the name of the game.

I DO think that it takes years to become a really good writer. I don’t consider myself “really good”, despite I have experience with writing since I was a young girl. It’S constantly learning. Even good writers can always learn something new and refine their craft.

But the best way to improve your writing is actually writing. Write a novel or two that you don’t plan to publish. Then give this manuscript (after you edited it) to some people and ask for their honest feedback. This is – in my opinion – one of the most effective ways of learning the craft of writing.

What do you think about this? Are writers born, not made? Or do you agree with me that it takes years to become a good writer?