It’s another Wednesday, so it’s time for Writing Up Wednesday, hosted by Lizzy on her blog The Bent Bookworm.

This time it’s about the topic: Wordcount Woes.

Writers seem to either obsess over word count or ignore it altogether. Which are you? Why do you find it important or not?


Wordcount is important. BUT wordcount isn’t everything.

When we write a novel or participate in a writing event like NaNoWriMo, we know that a good wordcount is essential. The wordcount decides what kind of prose we write: a short story, a novella or a novel. According to Wikipedia, a story with over 40k words is a novel. Though, this is controversial. Others say, that a story needs 50k or even 70k to be considered a novel. I personally chose 50k as a guidance level. Between 25k and 50k I call my works a novella, everything under 25k words is a novelette, under 10k it’s a short story and under 1000 words it’s flash fiction. Easy as that! Wikipedia has another opinion about that – as I said, it’s controversial.

But as I said above, wordcount isn’t everything. Some people have a very high wordcount, but they babble to much in their stories. So, in the end they have to prune a lot of their text, because they wrote too much about unimportant things. Wordcount is important, but good quality of the story is way more important, in my opinion.

What do you think about that? Feel free to share it in the comments.