After Lizzy from The Bent Bookworm took a pause last week with Writing Up Wednesday, she is back this week with a new topic. And this topic is … tadaaa: Motivation!

Can we write without motivation? And what is our motivation? How can we get motivated on bad days? I’m trying to find the answers to these questions in the following blog post.


I think personally, that I can’t write without at least a little spark of motivation. Sometimes, when I’m about to write but feel not motivated at all, motivation comes when I just start writing. I try to set me a small goal, let’s say 500 words and then I try to achieve it. It’s better to set small goals that are not too difficult to achieve than overwhelming yourself with too high goals. Usually, I “cought fire” when I have written the 500 words and my motivation is back – and in the end I write 1000 words or even more.

What I also find very motivating, is writing together with others. I have a few writing buddies and I really enjoy arranging a “writing date”, a time when we both work on our manuscripts, even though we live far apart. But it’s so motivating, just knowing that another person is working on their manuscript at the same time. Same works for plotting and editing, by the way.

A little bit extra motivation are the Camps NaNoWriMo and NaNoWriMo in April, July and November. I always try to take part at that events, because it’s so much fun and so motivating to write towards a writing goal together with thousands of other writers. I must confess, that I like the Camps a little more than the NaNoWriMo in November. Because I really enjoy the cabins. Besides, I prefer setting my own writing goal, even though this year in April it will be also 50,000 words. But maybe I’ll increase it later in the month. Depends on how well it will go for me.

Now I have answered two of the questions above, but one question is still unanswered: What is our motivation? For me it’s motivation, when I picture my actual goal that I pursue with my writing: The finished book. When I imagine other people reading my stories, it gives me such a positiv push that I just want to sit down and write them.

What about you? What motivates you? Feel free to leave me a comment down below.