Howdy folks,

thanks for stopping by, it’s nice that you visit my blog again. Maybe you have noticed it that this week there was no new topic of Writing Up Wednesday. It’s because Lizzy made a pause of WUW this week. But hopefully, next week it will continue.

I haven’t posted a postcard-related blog post in a while, so I thought it’s time to do that again. My postcard collection meanwhile counts over 1,000 postcards and it’s still growing. I thought that I could show you some rarities, resp. postcards from places where you don’t get a postcard from very often.

Now it’s time for the postcards. Maybe you’ll find a little inspiriation while viewing them.


Let’s start with Africa. The postcard on top on the left side is from Eritrea. I have several postcards from that country, all sent by a nice acquaintance that I met on Interpals. The card on top on the right side is – as it’s already written on the card – from Kenya. I’m not sure, but I think I got this card from an Interpals member as well. The card down below is from Lesotho. And I think I received it through Postcrossing. It was one of these rare treasures that you get from time to time and a nice surprise.


These two cards are from African places, too. The card on top is from Mauritius, an island nation in the Indian ocean. The card down below is from another island nation: the Seychelles. Aren’t the beaches beautiful?


I used to have a dear friend in Uganda. She was the one who sent me this pretty card of the animals in her country (they have elephants <3). She also sent me another one. Unfortunately, we are not in touch anymore.


Now we crossed the big lake and find ourselves in America again. These three cards are from beautiful, exotic places. The card on top is from Antigua and Barbuda, as you can see. Isn’t the image pretty? Same for the other two cards down below. The left card is from Barbardos, the right card from Costa Rica. I think, I exchanged them all with people from Interpals.


Two other exciting places. The card on top is from a former friend who lives in Puerto Rico. Isn’t that waterfall pretty? I totally love it. The card down below is from Trinidad and Tobago. I think, I received it also from someone from Inerpals. I’m sorry for the light reflection on the postcard. 😦


Now let’s go to South America. The card on top is from Uspallata in Argentina. I received it from a nice person from Interpals. The card down below is from Chile, as you can see. Sorry for the light reflection again. I received it from a former friend. Unfortunately, we are not in touch anymore.

These were my postcard rarities so far. Maybe I’ll do another such a post with postcards from other continents, if you are interested.

I wish you all a nice weekend!