Phew, I can’t believe the second month of 2017 has already passed. February is over and March is here. Spring is coming soon and the cold winter season has to leave. The first flowers are peaking through the  earth and the days become longer again. Time to reflect the past month and think about all the nice things that happened in February, 2017.


In February, I didn’t write much … or let’s say, I didn’t reach my monthly goal of 10,000 words. I only wrote about 9,511 words. But that’s better than nothing. Most of the time I was plotting and planning my high fantasy story that I’d like to write in April during the Camp NaNoWriMo. I hope to finish plotting the story this month. So far, I finished worldbuilding and character development.

I also edited some short stories and submitted one short story to a writing competition … so please, keep your finger’s crossed for me! The story was about an alcoholic who gets left by his girlfriend and experiences a car crash, when he tries to drive even though he is drunken. A friend of mine was so kind and proofread the story. With her help I could edit it and improve my writing.

When it comes to reading, I was rather lazy in February. I read only two books, a horror-thriller with about 280 pages and a fantasy story that counted 68 pages. But I’m glad that I read at least these two books. Anyway, I’m one book behind with my Goodreads challenge. Though, I must admit that I couldn’t count the fantasy book yet, as it will be released on 13th March and is not available on Goodreads yet.

My course about “Professional Blogging” at correspondence school is slowly coming to an end. A few pages are still left to study, but I hope to finish my course now in March. I wasn’t as hard working as I should have been and I definitely should study more often.

I was quite active on this blog in February and published a total of six blog posts.

On 4th February I published my article about “10 Inspiring People” and told you which people I find inspiring and what I learnt from them.

On 11th February followed my music review to “Theater of Dimensions” by the symphony metal band Xandria.

On 15th Februray I took part in “Writing Up Wednesday” for the first time. The first blog post was about genres, the second about POV (22nd February).

Apart from this I published two articles about creative writing. On 18th February I posted “Are You A Plotter or Pantser?” and on 25th February ““Aspiring” Writer? No, thanks!“.

Feel free to browse my articles, if you haven’t done that yet. I’m also always happy about some feedback, so don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

How was your February? What did you do and achieve?