Hey guys,

today it’s Wednesday, so that means that I’ll participate in “Writing Up Wednesday” today, presented by Lizzy from The Bent Bookworm. Every Wednesday Lizzy discusses a topic about writing on her blog. Last week it was about genres. You can find my blog post about that here.

Today it’s about the following question: What’s your POV?


First of all, you may ask what “POV” stands for. It actually means “point of view”, the perspective from that you tell your story. This is usually first person or third person, while we here have to differ between third person limited and third person omniscient.

In the novella I’m currently editing and want to publish in summer, I have three POVs, all written in first person singular. Mila is a young author who wants to publish her first book. Lauren is her au-pair girl from Tucson, Arizona who wants to improve her language skills in Germany. And last, but not least there is Harry, Milas spouse. On the top of each chapter I annouced who is talking in the following. Anyway, one of my beta readers found that a little confusing and asked me to make it more obvious at the beginnig of each chapter, that the POV has changed.

In the high fantasy plot I’m currently dealing with, I also want to tell the story from various POVs. My protagonist Saralie gets a voice, but also her love-interest Robian and antagonist Nola. That’s at least the plan for now. I also think about writing them all in third-person limited. This is a bit less personal than first person, but I think it’s better to see when the POV changes.

From what POV do you write? Do you have multiple POVs or only one?