Hey folks,

I saw “Writing Up Wednesday” on my friend Lizzy’s blog and I found it really interesting, so I decided to join it. This is actually already the 4th topic she is discussing, but for me it’s the first time I’m participating.

Today she is discussing the following topic: “What Genre is Your Novel…or Does It Even Have One??


I always find it a bit difficult to decide what genre my stories are. Usually they are a combination of several genres – I think that’s called “crossover” in the English-speaking world.

For example, right now I’m planning a high fantasy story, but it also has very important romantic elements. So it’s kinda “high romantasy” if that exists 😀 Seriously, I don’t know if there are similar stories, as I don’t read high fantasy often. But I really wanted to write something in that genre, because I love magic creatures and enjoy developing my own worlds.

I have also written “dystopian romance with science fiction elements” and “dark romantasy with horror elements”. I love writing stories that take place in fantastic or dystopian settings, but I also love to write about love – the feeling that is so mighty that it can move mountains. So I always end up combining genres.

I hope this makes sense to you …

What about you? In what genre do you write? Do you also find it difficult assign your story to a genre?