Title: Theater of Dimensionsxandria-theater-of-dimensions-237x237
Artist: Xandria
Genre: Symphonic Metal
Label: Napalm Records
Tracks: 13
Release Date: 27th January, 2017

“Theater of Dimensions” is the 7th studio album of the German symphonic metal band Xandria. Founded in 1994 in Bielefeld, the band changed her singer several times. Currently they are happy with the Dutch singer Dianne van Giersbergen, whose voice reminded me a little of Tarja Turunen, the former singer of the Finnish band Nightwish.

The new album presents thirteen tracks. The opening song, “Where The Heart Is Home”, is powerful and whetted my appetite for more good songs. Snarling electric guitars and vigorous strings accompany Dianne’s angel voice perfectly. The first track is with 6:53 minutes the second longest track on the album, only surpassed by the last track “A Theater of Dimensions” which has a length of 14:22 minutes.

Drums introduce the second track, “Death To The Holy”, followed by creaky electric guitars. Dianne’s voice is attended by a choir, which gives the song a mystic sound. I really liked this song, especially it’s dark lyrics. It included some elements of power metal.

“Forsaken Love” starts with uillean pipes and reminded me of Irish folk music. It’s a beautiful ballad that begins slowly and then gathers pace.

The next song is titled “Call of Destiny”. A beautiful symphonic metal song with amazing chorals. Actually, there is a video for that song, that I want to share with you here.

I loved the snarling guitars in “We Are The Murderers (We All)” with the guest vocals and growls by Björn Strid by the band Soilwork. I liked the growls, they were a good contrast to the other songs.

“Dark Night Of The Soul” has a beautiful piano intro. It’s a slow-paced ballad that becomes more and more powerful with time. At first there is only piano and the vocals, then bass and drums come in, followed by a magnificent guitar solo. It’s definitely one of the best songs on the album.

I also liked the instrumental song “Céilí” that has Irish folk elements again, combined with metallic guitars.

In “Song For Sorrow And Woe” and “Burn Me” Dianne’s voice is so amazing again. I also loved the great guitar solos. “Queen Of Hearts Reborn” starts with a brilliant acoustic guitar play, before vocals and electric guitars come in.

All in all, “Theater of Dimensions” is a beautiful and powerful symphonic metal album that gets never boring. I always loved Xandria, since I heard their “I’m In Love With The Darkness” for the first time, but this album made me a fan. I highly recommend this album to every symphonic metal lover out there.