Hey everybody,

it’s Saturday, time for a new blog post and some news from my end. The last week was busy. I had several appointments, had a writer’s block when I tried to write a new chapter for my blog novel (on my German blog) and was cleaning and tidying up my entire appartment, because my superintendent visited me and I wanted to make a good impression … Phew! My back still hurts from cleaning for hours. 😀

But I also have some good news: On Sunday, 15th January, I finished editing my novella. So this week I could finally sent it to my beta readers. I’m SOOO damn nervous and I really hope that they will like my story. It’s the first time that I let someone else read something longer than a short story from me. Now I have to wait and see what the beta readers think.

I was also continuing with plotting my high fantasy story. Last night I invented zodiac signs for my fantasy world and their own astrology. That was so much fun! I never did that before, but I really enjoyed it. I was plotting together with a friend and it was so inspiring again. Even though I was really tired at first, I ended up plotting until 1:30 AM and totally forgot time.

My parents visited me twice this week, we bought new bookshelves for me and assembled them on Friday. I’m sooo happy that I finally have enough space for all my books again. My old bookshelf was way too small for all my books and I had to pile them up, which didn’t look very pretty.


The two shelves in the middle are the new ones. I even have enough space for my mangas now, that I had stored in the basement for the last two years. Today I got them back into my apartment and I really would like to reread them sometime soon.

I finished reading two books this week. One book is a German fantasy novel called “Der Axolotlkönig” (English: “The Axolotl King”) and I really loved it. The other book was by J. K. Rowling and titled “Hogwarts – An Incomplete and Unreliable Guide”. Really interesting, because it disclosed some more facts and secrets about the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I’m still reading “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” and yesterday I also started a non-fiction book titled “The Art of the Start” by Guy Kawasaki.

What are you currently reading? Do you have any good book tips for me?

Kind regards,