Howdy everyone!

Oh my God, I’m so terribly sorry, that I didn’t post here something new since November. I didn’t even post all the NaNoWriMo updates I wanted 😦 But this will change in 2017. From now on I plan to post something new every Saturday. I hope this will work the way I imagine.

In this blog post I want to look backward on the year 2016 and remember all the ups and downs in my life that happened this year.

Let’s face it: 2016 was a tough year. Many great people died – David Bowie, Alan Rickman, George Michael, Bud Spencer, only to name a few. Then there happened things like the Brexit and Trump – I was shocked about these news. And finally, a week ago or so the attack in Berlin happened where twelve people died. Terrible!

But for me personally some really good things happened in this year and I want to tell you about them now.

First of all, I wrote more than I ever wrote in a single year 😀 I finished six projects: four novels and two novellas. I never thought that I would write that much within a year. Actually, according to my writing stats I typed about 490,000 words. That’s an average of about 40k words a month. This makes me really proud, even though I didn’t finish all the projects I started. Especially in the beginning of the year I still had problems to finish my writings. But during the year I learnt this lesson. That’s definitely one of the most important things I learnt in 2016: Finishing my manuscripts, with and without NaNoWriMo.

I also achieved my reading goal of 40 books. Though, I must admit that some books were short and had less than 150 pages. They were rather novellas than novels. But I counted them anyway. I thought about if I should set a higher goal for next year – 50 books, for example. But I decided not to do that. I have a lot of plans for 2017 and I don’t know how much time will be left for reading, so I will set a goal of another 40 books again.

In the beginning of this year, I planned to take part in at least five writing competitions. Unfortuantely, I didn’t achieve this goal. I submitted stories to only four writing competitions. Two of them were not successful and the other two are not decided yet. So I have to wait and see – maybe I’m lucky this time.

I am also happy that I had (mostly) excellent marks in my course at correspondence school. I’m doing a course as a “professional blogger” and it’s really fun. Unfortunately, I am a bit slow at the moment. I should have finished my course by Decemeber, but I still have two exercise books to work through. I still have time until May, but I want to finish the course by the end of January if possible.

Sounds all great, doesn’t it? But of course, this year had also its dark sides.

I still suffered from anxiety and depression and had some really tough sessions with my therapist. There were days and weeks when I would hardly get out of bed, times when I wished this inner pain would finally stop, moments when I wanted to give up. My goal for 2016 was to stop with self-harm. At first it worked, I didn’t do it all summer. But now in December, during a very depressive phase, I had a relapse. This really made me angry of myself and woke the self-doubts that are bothering me again and again.

Another thing that made me very upset was that I gained about 20 kg (44 lbs) this year. Probably a side-effect of my medication. I will do my best to loose that weight again next year, but I’m aware that this is not easy and will demand a great deal of me. I’ll have to do more sports (and I really HATE sports!) and change my diet. But I really want my old body back – I don’t feel well in this fat body and it’s making me even more depressed. 😦

That was my 2016 in a nutshell. What was the most important thing you learnt this year? Were there any very special moments to you?

In my next article I want to tell you my plans and resolutions for 2017.

I wish you all a happy new year 2017 and a great New Year’s Eve 🙂