Howdy everybody,

how are you? I’m fine. Here in Germany autumn is coming now. The weather changed drastically this weekend and from summerly 30 + degrees centigrate, we got lower than 20 degrees and cloudy, rainy weather. I look forward to the time when the trees change their colors. I find that so beautiful. But so far the trees are still green.

My mailbox was happy several times again last week. In total I received 17 postcards from 13 countries, plus a bunch of postcards from Austria from my best friend. But in this post I’ll show you only the cards that I received in the mail.


This are the postcards that I received from Asia this week. The drawn card on top was from Shanghai, the most populous city in China. The card with the bamboo (I think?) is from Japan. Last but not least, the card with the candles is from Thailand.


These are the cards that reached me from the United States. The card on top shows a native American tribe. It’s from Grand Rapids, Michigan. The card on the bottom is an art card by the American painter Benny Alba.


The two cards on top are from Russia. The left card shows an hotel in Sochi. The right card shows an Russian beauty. The two cards on the bottom are very special to me: My first two cards from Kazakhstan! The right card, that looks a bit like a Christmas card, shows the Orthodox church in Almaty.


These postcards are from Europe. The card on top left is from Ghent in Belgium. The right card on top is from the capital of Norway: Oslo. It shows the royal family and palace. The two cards on the bottom are from Zillertal area in Austria (left) and Istanbul, Turkey (right). The one from Istanbul was sent from Germany, though.


Here comes more Europe: The two cards on top are from France. The left card is from the city of Toulouse. The right card shows Roc Amadour. The postcard on the bottom is from Italy, Sestri Levante to be exact.


These two cards reached me from my own country Germany. The postcard on top is from the town Bad Fallingbostel in Lower Saxony. The card on the bottom shows a map of North Sea.

So, in total I received postcards from the following countries:

China: 1
Japan: 1
Thailand: 1
USA: 2
Russia: 2
Kazakhstan: 2
Austria: 1
Belgium: 1
Norway: 1
Turkey: 1
France: 2
Italy: 1
Germany: 2

I’m already looking forward to more postcards this week.

Take care and have a nice week!