Howdy folks,

I’m sorry for posting this update so late, I was kind of busy last weekend and totally forgot to share my “Postcards of the Week”.

This post is referring to the week from 5th to 11th September, 2016. In this week I received 6 lovely postcards from 4 different countries, all European, though.

I was so happy to receive them, they are all precious to me.


This photo shows the postcards I received from Germany. On the top left you can see a card from the beautiful city of Hamburg (that I actually visited a year ago). Among other places, it shows the harbor and gangplanks. The card on the top right shows a painting by Philip Sadée of people going to church. The postcard on the bottom is from Düsseldorf (that I visited in 2009). It shows the Rhine river and Rhine Tower.


Here you can see the postcards that I received from other countries of Europe. The card on top shows Spaso-Andronikov Monastery in Moscow, Russia. The two cards on the bottom are from Biecz in southeastern Poland and the beautiful island of Malta.

So, I received postcards from the following places:

Germany: 3
Russia: 1
Poland: 1
Malta: 1

I’m very happy about these cards and can’t wait to receive more this week 🙂