Hey out there,

how have you been? How was your week? Mine was nice.

I spent a long weekend at my parents’ house with a friend and my sister. We had a lot of fun, ate lots of pizza and ice cream (actually, I gained 2 kg or 4,4 lbs hehe) and went to the town where I was born, Blaubeuren, where a beautiful karstic spring called “Blautopf” (literally “blue pot”) is located. If you follow my Instagram, you might have seen the pictures I’ve posted. If not, I’ll post them here again.


This picture shows the old hammer mill at Blautopf. One can visit it, they offer guided tours. It’s popular among tourists.


This picture pefectly shows, why this karstic spring is called Blautopf: the water is so beautifully blue there! It’s amazing! I didn’t use a filter for this photo, it really looks like this!


Last, but not least, the statue of the “Beautiful Lau”, a legendary mermaid. There is an old story about her. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it in English anywhere. But in case you can read German, click here.

Since Tuesday afternoon I’m back home. In the night from Wednesday to Thursday I suffered from insomnia, so I wrote an outline for a new story. I actually had the main idea for that story already in January or so. It had lots of time to “ripen”. Thursday morning I finished my horror novella “Süsser Teufel” (literally “Sweet Devil”) with about 37,000 words (150 standard pages). After 30 hours awake I finally got some sleep 😛

Today I started writing this new story, that I outlined in the sleepless night. It’s a dystopian novella titled “Die Diebe von Alba” (literally “The Thieves from Alba”). The story takes place in the year 2089. It’s about a young thief of Italian origin named Matteo “Mats” Leone. He grows up in the poor district, the so-called “gamma sector” in Alba, the capital city of a new country called Terra Centra, that was founded after WWIII. One day, he burgles an old professor – and gets caught in the act. The professor offers him a deal: he needs a subject for a new invention. If Mats agrees to test his invention, he won’t call the police. Perforced, Mats accepts the deal… not knowing, that this will involving him in big trouble all the more.

That’s all for now. Tomorrow I’ll show you the postcards that I received this weeks. And this time I got so MANY 😀