Howdy out there in the world!

How have you been? How was your week? We had the BEST summer weather here, it was hot, sunny and blue sky! 🙂 Lucky were those who didn’t have to go to work. The kids here in my federal state still have summer holidays – good for them 🙂

I was also happy that I received four new postcards this week, that’s what I’d like to show you now. Here are the cards that found their way to my mailbox between 22nd and 26th August, 2016.


Tadaaa! The upper two postcards are from Germany: the left one is from the beautiful city of Wuppertal (that I haven’t visited so far, but I’d like to). The right one is from the federal state of Hesse.
The lower two cards are from abroad: the left one is from Singapore! ❤ I don’t have many postcards from that country yet, so I was super happy to receive this one. The right postcard is from Belarus. The sender painted it herself. 🙂

So this week I receveid postcards from the following places:

Germany: 2
Singapore: 1
Belarus: 1

I have written and sent many new postcards this week, so I hope to receive more in the coming week 🙂

See you soon,