Hey folks,

how are you? Another day is over, in fact when I’m writing this it’s almost 9:30 pm here in Germany. I have some news to share and I wanted to do that in a new diary post. Last time when I wrote such a post, I had finished my lesbian romance novella “Lauren”. At the moment I’m writing on a new project, it’s going to be a horror novella and the title is “Süßer Teufel” (“Sweet Devil”) so far. It’s about a 9-year-old girl, Aimee Higgins, who is different from other girls around her age. She moves to Spring, Texas with her family and meets her 10-year-old neighbor Bobby. The kids become friends, but Bobby quickly founds out that Aimee has some special “talents”.

But it’s also about love. Undeserved love. Have you ever loved someone who wasn’t worth it? Someone who was maybe mean to you or even abusive? But you loved them anyway, despite all the bad things they did to you? I have loved such a person and I still do. This person is not always bad, but he can be (verbally) abusive and very aggressive at times. But I love him and would do everything for him.

I don’t want to reveal much more of my current writing project. I think that was already enough information 😀 Unfortunately, I won’t write this novella in English, but only in the German language. I’d like to publish it in 2017 if possible. Who knows, maybe someday I’ll be famous and my works will be translated in many other languages 😉 Just kidding … but I like to dream about his possibility 😀

Take care,

Mimi xoxo