Hey there,

how are you today? Another week is over and it’s time to take stock of the postcards I have received this week from 15th – 21st August, 2016.

My mailbox was happy several times and I received eight nice postcards from seven countries that I’d like to show you now.

postcards no3 1

The large postcard on the bottom shows Vorontsovsky Palace in Crimea. The postcard with the girl wearing a traditional costume is also from Russia. The other postcard with the man sitting on a car (it’s the actor Paul Newman) is from the USA.

postcards no3 2

The postcard on top shows a woman in traditional costume. It’s from Japan. The other two postcards both show castles. The left card shows Rötteln Castle in Germany, the right card Croy Castle in the Netherlands.

postcards no3 3

Last, but not least these two postcards. The upper card shows the town Vodnany in Czech Republic, the big card on the bottom is from Belarus.

So, I received cards from the following countries:

Russia: 2
USA: 1
Germany: 1
Netherlands: 1
Japan: 1
Belarus: 1
Czech Republic: 1

I can’t wait to receive more postcards in the coming week. I already sent off some more postcards yesterday and hope they will reach their destinations safely.

Warm summer greetings,
Mimi 🙂