7 reasons why i love e-books

They’re inexpensive, convenient and we can’t imagine the bookmarket without them: electronic books or e-books for short.

I must admit, that I have bought them more often lately. Oh, yeah, I can hear you yelling: “What?! E-Books? How can she do that?” I know, e-books still have many adversaries. Once upon the time, I was against them myself. But I have come to understand that e-books are great. And meanwhile, when I look at the books that I bought lately, I see that I buy more e-books than printed books. That has various reasons that I’d like to present in the following blog post.

So, here are seven good reasons why I love e-books …

Reason #1: They’re less expensive!

I know there are many reasons against e-books, but one good reason why I LOVE them, is the less expensive price. I know that the price difference is even more significant in the US, than it is here in Germany. But anyway, one can save several euros by buying the e-book edition instead of the printed version. When it comes to indie books, the e-book is sometimes even € 10 to € 15 more favorable than the printed book! Wow!

For people who don’t belong to the rich citizens of this country, like me, this is a real blessing. Of course, I have to relinquish things like smelling a book or flipping through the pages. But that’s worth it, when I get a good story or well-researched non-fiction book on my Kindle.

Some books like classics are even for free, when you decide to read them as an e-book. Besides, Amazon offers weekly discounts on Kindle e-books, where you can sometimes get a book for 50% less. I recently bought an e-book for € 0.99, that would have cost  € 2.99 normally.

Reason #2: They’re space-saving!

I don’t know in what kind of building you live, but I have a little apartment with only two rooms, where my bookshelf stands in the bedroom. I don’t have the space for a second bookshelf – but way too many books. Hence, the newest books are stacked on the other books, which doesn’t look nice and isn’t overseeable neither.

That’s why I more often buy e-books. They are saved in my e-reader library and are “in order”. That way, I can spare my bookshelf and don’t overload it with more books.

Reason #3: One can start reading for free!

I don’t know what it’s like on other e-book shops, but on Amazon you can usually order a free sample, before you buy an e-book. That’s extremely convenient, because this way you can get a first impression of the writer’s writing style and the story for free, respectively see if a non-fiction book really answers your questions.

I often use those free samples as a decision aid if I shall buy a book or not and made really good experiences with that. It saved me a lot of money and time. Of course, you may say that one can’t know if a book is worth reading from reading only the first one or two chapters. But I think it’s better than buying a book “blindly” or just because you liked the cover, title or blurb.

Reason #4: Reading is more comfortable!

Personally, I prefer reading in bed. But there’s always the same problem: I just don’t find a comfortable position for reading. When I’m laying, the book is too heavy in my hands or I can’t turn over smoothly. With my e-reader I don’t have that problem. I don’t need to flip, because the page turns by touching the screen. It’s weight is very light and it even has an integrated lighting. So I can read in the dark, which I enjoy a lot!

If I had a partner who slept next to me, I could read under the covers unproblematically. I would have needed that in the past …

Reason #5: I have my library in my bag!

Especially when you’re out and about or going on vacation, e-books are very practical. You don’t need much space to carry an entire library with you. Fiction and non-fiction, romance, thrillers, fantasy, horror or erotica – I can take as many books with me as I want, on a simple, light e-reader. No extra space in my suitcase and no extra weight!

For travelling, e-books are the perfect companions 🙂

Reason #6: Instantly available!

When you’re a bit lazy and prefer online shopping, e-books have another advantage: They are instantly available. It just needs a few clicks on your computer and your e-book is sent to your e-reader. No long waiting time, no shipping costs. You can start reading whenever you want.

This doesn’t mean, that I don’t like shopping in a bookstore. In fact, whenever I’m in the town center and pass by my favorite bookstore, I go in and browse the shelves. Usually I don’t leave the store without buying something, even if it’s just a nice postcard or another knickknack.

Reason #7: More indie books!

I confess, that I have a weakness for indie books. I used to be very critical when it comes to selfpublishers, but I made good experiences with them and read some real “treasures” in the last few months. In the meantime, more and more selfpublishers publish their books as both e-book and printed book. But the e-book is usually way less expensive.

Besides, there are publishers in Germany that publish e-books only, e.g. Impress, Midnight or Forever. I don’t know if there are such publishers in other countries as well, but they are definitely a reason, why I love my Kindle.

Of course there are also disadvantages …

You can’t smell e-books, can’t flip through the pages or shelve them in your bookshelf. You also can’t borrow an e-book to a friend or family member, can’t sell an e-book on Ebay or put it in a public bookcase.

Another disadvantage is that you’re dependet on the device. When your e-reader is broken, you lose access to all of your e-books. Even though they are saved in a cloud, you only can access them when you buy another e-reader of the same brand. I had that problem with my e-readers: I used to have a Kobo, but it broke after a while. I got a new one, because it happened during the warranty period. But the new Kobo didn’t work properly neither. I was really disappointed and didn’t read e-books for a long time – until I bought my Kindle. Now I’m really happy that I can read e-books again, but since I can’t access my old Kobo e-books with my Kindle, they are lost forever 😦 That’s really annoying. But anyway, I love my Kindle and I can’t imagine my life without it anymore 🙂

What do you think about e-books? Do you like them or do you clearly prefer printed books?