Title: BridesmaidsBridesmaids
Paul Feig
Comedy, Romance
Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Rose Byrne, Melissa McCarthy, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Ellie Kemper, Chris O’Dowd, Jill Clayburgh

Last Friday I met my friend and we decided to watch a movie together. We wanted to see something funny and browsed the films on Amazon Instant Video, when we came across “Bridesmaids”, an American romantic comedy starring Kristen Wiig. Here is what I thought about it …




Annie Walker (Kristen Wiig) lost everything: her job as the owner of a bakery, her boyfriend and her savings. Now she lives with two crazy roommates, works as a sales clerk in a jewelery store (what she hates) and meets a man named Ted for noncommittal sex, who makes her unhappy. One day her best friend Lillian gets engaged and ask Annie to be her Maid of Honor. That’s when destiny takes its course …

I really liked Annie, the protagonist, even though, or maybe because she is so unlucky in her life. She reminded me of myself, I’m not really the luckiest person on Earth either. But she also showed me, that you can get even lower. I felt sorry for her, that she doesn’t have a lover who really makes her happy – and was glad when she met the police officer Rhodes. I knew instantly, that they would be a perfect match! Unfortunately, she isn’t nice to him at first – which made me really angry! How could she treat this kind soul with such a bad behaviour?!

Apart from Annie’s love life, there are more problems waiting for her. She’s getting into a rivalry about Lillian’s friendship with the other bridesmaid Helen, the rich and beautiful wife of the groom’s boss. Helen is really a bitch, and I disliked her from the beginning. But in the end, she became more understandable to me. I also didn’t like Lillian’s behavior. She was so Helen-focused all the time. That was mean and not fair towards Annie, who really did her best to offer her best friend a happy wedding. In the end she even gave the “job” of the Maid of Honor to Helen, which made me really upset.

One of my favorite characters was Megan, another bridesmaid and the groom’s sister. She’s so funny! And she’s the only bridesmaid who doesn’t look like a model – which made her very likeable to me. She is so self-confident, despite her overweight. And she was there for Annie, when all the others had left her. She was even a better friend to her than Lillian was. That’s why I absolutely take to her. Apart from this, the actress Melissa McCarthy, who played Megan, did a really good job!

All in all, the movie was really funny and entertaining. We laughed a lot and had a nice time watching it. It’s not one of my favorites, which maybe has to do with the fact, that I usually prefer European comedy movies (exceptions confirm the rule). But it’s good and definitely worth watching.

I rate it with three and a half stars out of five.

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10 Facts About The Movie

  1. Kristen Wiig, who played the protagonist Annie Walker, was also the writer of the movie, along with Annie Mumolo.
  2. The movie was budgeted at $ 32.5 millon.
  3. Among the actresses who auditioned for the role of “Megan” were also Busy Philipps and Rebel Wilson (who plays Annie’s roommate).
  4. The movie was primarily set in Milwaukee and Chicago.
  5. “Bridesmaids” was nominated for several awards, among them for two Academy Awards and two Golden Globe Awards in 2012.
  6. In the plane scene there are two “guests” appearing: Screenwriter Annie Mumolo plays a nervous woman who sits next to Annie and Melissa McCarthy (Megan) sits next to her actual husband Ben Falcone who plays an air marshal.
  7. Also director Paul Feig has a cameo appearance in the movie as a guest at the wedding.
  8. The German title of the movie is “Brautalarm” which literally means “bride alarm”.
  9. The movie brought in about $ 288 millon worldwide; $ 169 million in the USA.
  10. The young girl who gets served by Annie in the jewelery store is played by Mia Rose Frampton, the daughter of musician Peter Frampton.