Woohoo, today is an amazing day, because I finished my lesbian romance novella “Lauren”. I wrote it, after I finished my romantasy novel “Fengari” last Friday. So, in this Camp NaNoWriMo I wrote more than 100k words: a novel and a novella. I’m really happy about this, but now comes the hardest part: editing those works.

I’ve never been good in editing and I don’t really have the motivation to do that. But what must be, must be, right? So, next month I’ll edit my dark romantasy novel “Xiomi – The Banishment” that I wrote in the Camp NaNoWriMo in April and will hopefully send it to my beta readers by the end of the month. I’m really nervous when I think of editing. But well, … it’s learning by doing.

I hope that a break of three months between writing and editing was long enough for “Xiomi”. I’ve never edited a novel before, so this is a totally new experience to me. I’ve just edited short stories so far, but that’s very different, I think.

I’m also happy to announce that a new short story of mine will be published in an anthology next year. I can’t tell you much about this now, because it’s still secret. But I’m very happy that I was asked if I want to submit a short story to a really special project.

I wish I could share some quotes of my works with you, but I’m writing them in German, so.. mhmm… I could try to translate them for you, though. But whenever I translate something it doesn’t really sound as good as it did in my native language 😉

Okay, that’s all for now. I’ll talk to you soon again 🙂


Mimi xoxo