Howdy folks,

wow, this was an amazing writing day. I wrote 11k words today, that’s crazy isn’t it? I never wrote that much on one day before and I literally broke my own record (which was 7.6k so far).

I’m currently writing a novella about a lesbian couple. It’s the first time that I’m writing such a story and I enjoy it a lot. My protagonists Mila (a German wife) and Lauren (an American au-pair girl) are so interesting to explore and I love getting to know them and hearing what they tell me. Yeah, you got that right: THEY tell me, what I have to write. I think, it’s awesome, when characters do that, because this means that I’m in a writing flow, that the words come easy to me and that the quality of my writing is (usually) better.

I’m thinking about publishing the novella on Amazon KDP when it’s finished. But I’m not 100% sure yet. But I already have a potential beta reader. A friend of mine, who is a writer as well, asked me if she can beta read the story when the first draft is finished. 😀 I was very happy to hear that she’s interested.

I only wish I had more courage to publish my writings. I am always afraid that the quality is not good enough. I wish, my inner critic would finally shut up, but he talks so loud that I simply can’t overhear him. But maybe I will show you some of my stories and poems here from time to time. That’s my plan, at least 😀